About Avocado oil

Avocado Oil is an amazing oil. Full of healthy fats, nutrients, great for high heat cooking and helps with complexion too! Below are just the highlights of unrefined avocado oil.

Today, avocado oil is recognized as one of the healthiest oils on the market by Dr. Oz, high in monounsaturated fat and natural tocopherols. In addition, it is free of trans fatty acids and cholesterol- inducing fats. Bella Vado oil is 100% natural-no preservatives, refinements or additives

Our avocado oil is cold-pressed using modern equipment imported from Italy. This process preserves all the natural vitamins, which are believed to lower LDL levels. Recent studies show that avocado oil can reduce the risk of type2 diabetes and prostate incidence

We don’t bottle Bella Vado oil until you ask for it – just another way we cater to great taste and undeniable quality. Our products are fresh from our grove to your home.

Bella Vado Avocado oil has a high smoking/heating point of 450 – 480 degrees fahrenheit. Avocado oil can be used in high heat cooking, grilling, stir fry’s, deep fry’s, yet buttery and subtle enough for your marinades, baking, sauces and salads. Perfect for the amateur and experienced chef! Bella Vado avocado oil is unrefined and unfiltered. This means we do not use high heat, chemicals, or any other filtration out there to change or remove the natural pulp, waxes, colors or flavors in our oil.

We at Bella Vado are Passionate about the health benefits of this ancient fruit (yes, avocados are a fruit!) whose history dates back to the Aztecs

Although its often referred to a vegetable oil (since there are not a lot of fruit oils out there) and mainly because it stands up so well to the vegetable oils out there. Most are still under the impression that all fats are created equal. This is no longer true. Avocado oil has a perfect balance between monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated fats. With ZERO trans fats.

Bella Vado avocado oil is Extra Virgin. Since there are no official standards for avocado oil, Bella Vado follows the strict Olive Oil standards set forth by the Olive Oil Council. We also test every batch of avocado oil to ensure it meets the Extra Virgin standards set forth.

Bella Vado avocado oil has SPF of 5-15. It’s a raw and natural product the variations depend on many different situations including the source fruit, year and production methods. When using avocado oil for sun protection make sure to use 100% unrefined avocado oil to get the most protection for your skin.

This unique nutty-flavored oil can be used in variety of ways – blend it with whipped potatoes, drizzle it over steamed vegetables, use it in vinaigrette dressings, flavor soups or sweets. Avocado oil has very high smoke point(+500F/255c)–perfect for cooking!

Its exquisite texture and luscious, bold taste make it undeniably the most splendid oil for the most discerning chefs of all skill levels.