Why Avocado Oil is one of the healthiest oils to cook with

Although, we the da Silva family at Bella Vado avocado grove in Valley Center, CA humbly consider ourselves to be avocado oil experts, now that we collectively have well over a half-century of experience cultivating our “green gold,” we have to admit that when we first envisioned purchasing an avocado grove, we didn’t completely realize that avocado oil is one of the healthiest oils to cook with.

Like most people, we weren’t fully aware of the innate dietary wisdom of traditional societies that thrived health-wise, if never introduced to modern food inventions like processed wheat.

Walking into a supermarket, we’d be dazed and confused, dumbfounded at the dozens of choices of cooking oils.

Abundant were (and still are): vegetable and seed oils made from corn, soybean, safflower and sunflower, among others.

“Too many choices! What to buy? What’s the healthiest oil to cook with?” we wondered, over a decade ago, before we became the only U.S. company that grows, harvests, presses and bottles avocado oil at the same location.

Well, now we know. After researching the benefits of avocado oil, we became aware of native cooking wisdom. Traditional societies never cooked with vegetable or seed oils. These types of oils are all modern inventions.

Native cultures who subsisted on locally-grown and seasonally-harvested foods always used cooking oils derived, most of the time, from either the oil of a fruit (avocado, olive, or coconut) or animal fat (such as lard and butter).

The main reason why avocado oil is one of the healthiest oils to cook with, and why most vegetable and seed oils are the worst to cook with can be summed up in one word: heat.

When subjected to heat, like a cooking fire, vegetable oils turn rancid. Of the three main types of dietary fat–saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated–vegetable and seed oils are mostly comprised of polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs).

The molecular structure of PUFAs become warped when exposed to heat. (Exposure to light can also cause rancidity. Thus, veggie oils can be rancid just sitting on the store shelf, unopened!)

Avocado oil is comprised mostly of the all-star dietary fat of the Mediterranean Diet, monounsaturated fat (MUFA). Several medical studies such as this one in the American Heart Association’s journal, Circulation, conclude: “There is epidemiological evidence that dietary MUFAs have a beneficial effect on the risk of CHD (cardiovascular heart disease).

Here are some other reasons why avocado oil is healthy to cook with:

  • It is a high smoke point: If you’re cooking, and the frying pan is starting to smoke, that’s a bad sign. Cancer-causing carcinogens could be created when you’re cooking at too high a temperature. Bella Vado’s unrefined, cold, first-pressed avocado oil has a smoke point approaching 500 degrees.
  • It contains saturated fat: Monounsaturated fat makes up 70% of avocado oil. Another 12% is saturated fat. Despite possible preconceived unhealthy notions about saturated fat, it provides stability to the cell membranes. As a result, avocado oil won’t spoil nearly as easily as vegetable and seed oils, which sometimes are high in polyunsaturated fats and low in saturated fats.
  • It lowers LDL levels: High LDLs, commonly known as ‘bad cholesterol’, are associated with inflammatory conditions in the body. Some nutritionists believe that if you can reduce inflammation in the body, you will lower LDL levels.
  • It fights inflammation: To elaborate the point above, avocado oil lowers LDL levels, which rise, in response to inflammation, which occurs after consuming too many processed grains and vegetable/seed oils.

Hopefully you’ve learned why avocado oil is one of the healthiest foods to cook with. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We are passionate about contributing to your health….

From our Grove to your Table,

The da Silva Family – Bella Vado’s California Avocado Oil


Benefits of Avocado Oil


Beautiful San Diego, California, is home to several organic produce companies, award-winning craft micro-breweries and unique farm-to-table restaurants. San Diego County is also the location of the only Avocado Oil producer in the USA, Bella Vado.Our avocado grove is located in North County, San Diego, considered by many to be the ‘Avocado Capital of the World.’ One of the top questions we get asked is, “What are the benefits of avocado oil?”
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Most people are aware that avocados are healthy in general. But fewer people can recite the benefits of avocados, with the exception of avocados being the main ingredient in delicious guacamole dips.

Persea Americana, aka Avocados, aka ‘Green Gold’, as we like to call the magical fruit’s oil here on the Bella Vado farm, in Valley Center, contains several health benefits.

Numerous studies have verified avocado- and avocado oil’s positive effects on health:

  • The journal, Nutrition, concluded: “Avocado consumption is associated with improved overall diet quality, nutrient intake, and reduced risk of metabolic syndrome.”
  • Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM) provides evidence of avocado oil’s efficacy healing wounds.
  • In Pharmacognosy (we had to look that one up; it means: the study of medicines derived from natural sources), avocado oil is mentioned as an effective natural protectant against ultraviolet (UV) radiation
  • Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition concludes that avocado oil, which consists of 71% monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), 13% polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), and 16% saturated fatty acids (SFA), helps to promote healthy blood lipid profiles and enhance the bioavailability of fat soluble vitamins and phytochemicals.
  • The same study says that avocado oil enhances carotenoid (a class of antioxidants) absorption.
  • Many studies have validated monounsaturated fat’s (which avocado oil contains several grams per serving: 6.7 g) ability to lower total LDL levels (LDLs, though they are technically a protein that carries fat in the blood, is commonly called ‘bad cholesterol’.)


Avocado oil is high in the following nutritional properties:

  • Vitamin E: Several studies (like this one) have concluded that adequate vitamin E intake reduces the chance of developing coronary heart disease.
  • Phytosterols: Weird as it might sound, plants contain cholesterol and avocado oil contains phytosterols, which has been proven to lower the risk of prostate cancer in animals.
  • Chlorophyll: Extra Virgin Avocado oil is high in the green-pigmented molecules that give plants their color. Chlorophyll provides vital oxygen to cells.

We’re proud to say Bella Vado is pure Extra Virgin, which means we harvest and press only the first grade fruit and our process is never refined.

There are many other health benefits of avocado oil, from a nutritional standpoint. But we’ll leave you with just one more for now….

Trying to lose weight? Here’s another great benefit of avocado oil: Though technically a fruit, avocados (and of course, avocado oil) are unusually low in sugar for a fruit, containing only 0.2 grams per half a Hass avocado (the variety we cultivate here at Bella Vado). How does that compare to other popular fruits? Apples have over 9 grams per sugar; both cherries and bananas each contain over 6 grams and watermelon over 5 grams.

Consuming foods high in sugar over many years can lead to metabolic syndromes (coronary artery disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes).

Geesh, look at the time, we’ve barely even mentioned the benefits of avocado oil on the skin! We’ll save that for another blog. Until next time….

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From our grove to your table,

The da Silva Family – Bella Vado’s California Avocado Oil