Our Process

Unlike any craft

Processing Avocado oil takes great care, a keen eye, and an intuitive approach to curate the unique, extra virgin, cold-pressed buttery flavor of our avocado oil.

We always begin the process with quality avocados. Starting with perfectly ripe avocados provides that creamy and buttery avocado flavor at the end. We begin at our grove & taste test through the entire process!

Our avocados are never ripened using chemicals. We rely on the Southern California heat and the natural ethenyol from the fruit that is sucreted, to have the avocados ripened.

We then hand sort each bin of avocados to ensure that only quality grade make it through our press. 

Avocados need to have the skin & pits removed. We only press the buttery and creamy flesh of the avocado.

Bella Vado’s avocado oil is always processed in a Certified Non-GMO and Organic facility. After-all, we live where we produce our GreenGold, and its crucial that every bit of our land stays sacred and chemical free!

We practice cold-press processing, using a centifuge. Cold-pressing is a method where minimal to low heat is used to extract the avocado oil from the pulp. Since the industry is saturated with the use of the words “cold-pressed” we want to ensure you that our avocado pulp is never heated above 110 degrees. This is the standards set for cold-processing from the Certified Olive Oil Council. 

Our avocado oil is certified Extra Virgin. As most of you realize, extra virgin is also used very often to describe a standard that has been diluted in the industry. Extra Virgin is part of a process and part of the result of the end product. To ensure that we stay within the Certified Olive Oil Councils standards of extra virgin, we get each batch of our avocado oil tested for the FFA’s (free fatty acids). Our batches always are well below the 0.8 standard and we are proud to be able to produce a consistently high quality extra virgin avocado oil. 

We have the unique ability to cater to every step of our process. From growth, pressing, storing to the bottle. We still hand lable and bottle each one that you receive. We are proud to be able to continue to do this. 

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