We are the founders, Corinne & Cid da Silva. Together we had the opportunity to travel the world with our five kids and explore the experiences our professions provided us. From sailing the Whit Sundays in world down under, eating our way through the Thailand islands, or dodging huricanes in Fiji – we’ve done it all! We’ve explored countries that accepted us right in, gave us a home that will always fill a special spot in our heart – to countries where it was best for us to keep our time short. Every adventure led to a wealth of personal growth and experience for each of us. Opportunity, that we all carry with us, throughout the rest of our lives. 

After 25+ in the web consulting and development space, we were inspired for one more adventure. Seeking out an oportunity to ‘live off the land’, led us to Southern California. The first time our feet hit the crunchy leaves of the grove, we knew we were home. Walking around the plush land of the avocado canopy’s and soaking in the spirtual energy the land was sharing with us. 

We knew we were home. 

We packed up our family, one last time, to make the trip from Seattle to Southern California – our NEW HOME BASE. 

They say hindsight is 20/20 – well that is definitely true! We had no idea that the move to Southern California would change each of our lives so significantly.

We went from city life to farm life. 

Processed food to fresh organic food in our backyard.

Rain and gloom, to sun and shine.

The land of Starbucks to the land of Stars who make the big bucks. 

Our life was very different.

In 2004 we laid the foundation for our plant. I recall the youngest daughter painting an avocado tree into the cement of the warehouse. I don’t believe us, nor did our kids have any clue the legacy we were building. But everyone took it in stride and learned to pick up shovels instead of phones. 

Our growth in our business was slow at first. We simply set out to make the most amazing avocado oil. Each year we improved upon our process, our standards, our understanding and our appreciation of the art. It’s often said that the river never flows straight, and I have to say our business doesn’t either. 

We had big goals to be distributed across the country, be on the shelves of Whole Foods, set the standard for quality avocado oil. We didn’t think of the impact we were making. We didn’t think our products, which stemed from late night inspired actions of passion, would have the ripple affect it had. We attracted people into our lives that wanted us to succeed, they saw the heart of the avocado beating in our brand. We were discovered by Whole Foods who took us under their wing and personally coached and propelled us to their shelves. First one store, then three then the entire West Coast. 

When we look back, we realize how quickly it all flew by. Late night bottling parties calling in all of our kids and their friends (well bribed with pizza and music), stressful 72 pressing runs rotating sleep shifts – with half of us working full time jobs on top of that. We were dedicated. We hustled. We were heads down. We loved the art of the process of pressing our avocados into avocado oil. We spent time perfecting the process and looking to beat our own oil each year. 

Being a farmer, a producer, a manufactuere, a business owner let alone a family run business – is anything but sunshine and smiles. Yet when we all look back, all we ever do is reminencse about the good old days when we were making lotions out of our kitchen and staying up late nights labeling each bottle by hand. We would hear people complain about their business, about labeling 20 bottles. We were labeling 500+ a day in one particular product line or another. Labeling while we would watch the late night soccer games. Labeling for an hour early mornings before jetting off to a 2 hour commute to our full time jobs, labeling on weekends around the bonfire while laughing and partying with the coyotes. It wasn’t a job for us. It was a passion. 

Bella Vado is more than a business. Its more than a family business. Its more than a product that hits the shelves, travels in your shopping cart and sits on your kitchen counter. Bella Vado is the heart of the avocado!