We created Bella Vado after years of research into the best way to grow and harvest premium avocados to make this unique oil. Since we control the entire process, you're assured of the highest possible quality and freshness. Bella Vado Avocado oil is a pure, natural, whole food with no preservatives added.
Today, avocado oil is recognized as one of the healthiest oils on the market, high in monounsaturated fat and natural tocopherols. In addition, it is free of trans fatty acids and cholesterol-inducing fats. Our oil is 100% natural - no preservatives, refinement or additives.
Bellavado's cold pressed Avocado Oil is carefully hand crafted at our family grove here in Southern California, using a creative combination of modern, state of the art technology blended with old world knowledge.

We are proud to be both an Organic Avocado grower and oil producer. This special unfiltered and unrefined oil is cold pressed from fruit exclusively grown here in Southern California then carefully pressed at the source to deliver the freshest, healthiest oil from our family to yours.
The da Silva family

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